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        海华首页 联系我们 E-mail

           浙江海华电气有限公司位于文明遐尔的雁荡山山麓,东濒东海、南接瓯江,座落在104国道旁,交通十分便利。公司创始人王汉金先生于1985年创办了华海无线电厂; 2001年又创办了海华电气有限公司,一直以来公司主要生产和销售电视机配件、汽车配套件、车灯各种零件、电子元器件等,各种模具的设计、开发、制造,历来一直供应国内外需要的厂家;公司自创办以来,始终本着以质量求生存,满足客户为宗旨,坚持科技导航为原则,利用公司的条件和高效的管理实现着高速度的发展。
            公司员工深刻领悟“全员参与、以质为本、持续改进、顾客满意”的质量方针,使得海华公司以可靠的产品质量与优质的服务成为同行业中的佼佼者;是多家汽车公司的二级配套商;在公司全体员工不断的努力下. 同时获得了ISO9001:2000质量体系;TS16949国际汽车工业质量体系证书;ROHS环保、ISO14000环境体系的认证!我们的标语 —? 追求发展、做精、做强、做大,为成为中国的一流企业而不懈努力!
            单位名称:浙江海华电气有限公司    法人:王汉金

             Zhejiang Haihua Electric Co. Ltd is located in Yandang Mountain range, facing East Ocean in east, Ou Jiang in south ,at side of 104 National road, very convenient in transportation. Mr. Wang Hanjin ,as founder of the company, established Haihua wireless factory in 1985 and Haihua Electric Co., Ltd in 2001 .The major business of company is producing TV spare parts, auto parts set, all kinds of auto lights spare parts, electronic components, etc by a variety of mold design, develop, manufacture to supply domestic and foreign manufacturers. Since its creation , Our company aiming at quality as life to meet customer requirement ,insisting the principles of technology as guidance, has realized high-speed development by high-performance conditions and management,
             Our Company covered over 4700 square meters, has powerful technique .

            According to Company employees profound understanding of "full participation, quality focused, continuous improvement, customer satisfaction," the quality policy, Haihua company has become a leader in our industry by reliable products quality and excellent service ,,also become a second supplier for many auto companies; at the same time, jointly effecting by all our employees, we won the ISO9001: 2000 quality system; TS16949 automotive industry international quality system certificates; ROHS environmental protection, ISO14000 environment system certification!
        ?Our slogan - the pursuit of development, striving for China's best enterprise  
        Company Name: Zhejiang Haihua Electric Co., Ltd.
        legal representative: Wang Hanjin

        ·  汽车车灯总成配件
        ·  金属冲压件
        ·  塑料注塑件
        ·  紧固件
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